About me!!

Before getting into the competence part would like to say a word of my passion towards mechanical / industrial design. It always delights me to take up mechanical / industrial design challenges and deliver the same as per the requirements. I enjoy the process, team work, customized documentation, managing emotions. The hard work pays off when I see the product been used by end customer. The contribution of mathematical design model helps me to explore for futuristic and innovative solution. I’m also very keen on learning new things irrespective of field..

For the past 6 years I have been working in Mechanical / Industrial Product Designing field, and i have gained extensive Experience of working on projects from initial concepts, through to Prototype and Manufacturing. I have hands on experience, in-depth technical knowledge, and a proven track record in Product design, from automobile parts to small electrical products.I have a successful track record of not only designing new products, but also improving the already developed product.

I started my design career in Centroid Design Studio, where i understood the process of Product development life. I was involved in developing product sketch from scratch, conceptual design, prototype making and finally the end product.

Currently, i am working in Fuchsberg Electric GmbH as Mechanical / Industrial Product Designer, to develop Lighting Arrestors (SPD's) of all types (like Typ 1, Typ 2 & Typ 3). In this company, I am working mainly on plastic design & sheet metal design. During my career in this company, I have created a new locking mechanism which has obtained the patent rights. Apart from this, my task also includes to bring aesthetic look for the product along with cost effective manufacturing and also communicate with manufacturing colleagues in china for manufacturing the designed product without error as expected.