CAB (Laser Printing) - Fixture

The main reason to developed this customize Fixture is to reduce the Printing time on the Product and also to reduce man power to turn the product.

Front View - with Product

Isometric View 1 - with Product

Isometric View 2 - with Product

Isometric View 3 - with Product

This developed Fixture, consist of two mini motors. one mini motor which is placed on the bottom left side of the fixture helps to rotate the product automatically to print on the other side of the product. Second mini motor is placed on the back side of the fixture which gives flexibility to suitable for all size of (Surge Protective Device) product. These motors are linked with signal from Laser Printing program to trigger the motor. This Fixture base is integrated with locking screw holes, which help to give stability for the fixture while moving and also helps to fix easily to the Laser Printer Base.